Farm to Fork (7-9)

Hello again. Thank you for following our Farm to Fork series. Here we’ll talk to you about the next few days and what our meals looked like. Ready? Let’s go!


The next day was Monday and during CSA season, Monday’s are delivery days. I had an alarm set for 6:15 am, but forgetting to charge my phone left me sleep until about 7:30 am.

Of course this caused me to be late, plus with all the weather changes, I was starting to develop a small cold.

I had no time for breakfast and was thankful that by the time I came back home Brandon prepared smoked sausage that we wrapped in a burrito and called it breakfast.

The picture isn’t pretty, but I’m glad I remembered to take one. It was more like brunch though because it was about 11 or so before we ate.

Since we had a late breakfast, some of us skipped lunch and kind of snacked up until dinner.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast: Smoked sausage in a spinach burrito

Snacks: Pecans and popcorn….of course Joshua had ramen

Dinner: Beef roast with mushrooms and onions over rice.


Tuesday was a stressful day to say the least. I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go to work. I needed to rest and just have an easy day. I traded breakfast for celery juice and then coffee later. The guys ate leftovers and cereal.

If we weren’t doing this challenge, today would have been a pizza day for sure. Brandon was looking for comfort food and you know how you’re not feeling well and all you want to do is lay around and eat something good? This was today!

We didn’t eat out, but someone was baking and so we were introduced to Strawberry Scooter Crunch Bites (not shown, but we ate it so I had to list it here)

Breakfast: Leftovers and cereal

Lunch: Pizza burritos (Pay no attention to the fact that it’s half eaten)

Dinner: Spicy chicken and broccoli over rice


We don’t typically eat sweets for breakfast, but when you wake up to what we did, you just roll with it!

Breakfast: Homemade chocolate chip waffles

Lunch: No lunch for me, but the guys had Ramen or tuna

Dinner: Steak Hoagy Burritos

So we’re still trucking along. Stay tuned for the next few days, coming up soon!

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