Education- “vegetarian fed”

We recently started an educational series on our weblog for The Market at Dothan and since we feel this information is SO important we also wanted to share it on our website. This will allow us to say what we feel is necessary for education without it being censored, changed, or edited. The statements made are our views along with FACTS taken from research and knowledge from our own experience.

Today we want to talk to you about poultry labels. Brandon and I were recently in the more upscale market in our area and we saw poultry that was listed as “vegetarian fed.” Not just any poultry, but the fancy kind with the fancy price tag. Well anyone looking at these labels may think these birds are worth the extra money. They may think they should purchase them…..BUT SHOULD THEY?!? We hope by educating you as the consumer, we are helping you to choose wisely! Not everything that looks good is! 

FACT: Chickens no matter what breed they are love to be chickens. They are omnivores and if provided with an environment that allows them to be chickens their natural instincts kick in. They are not vegetarians! They love bugs of all sorts and will actively search for them.

44FE91A4-7F48-45FC-8C1F-0749FBA06A29.jpegIn the above photo, you have our chickens digging through the compost pile.


In these photos you have our chickens actively searching for food. So whether you’re raising hens or meat birds of all sorts, chickens will eat what they can find.

Of course we feed our chickens a 100% certified organic feed. It is verified by the Non-GMO project and keeps them healthy and strong. We buy it in bulk and make sure that they’re getting the BEST feed. Their first choice is always whatever they can find, but they love their feed and so do we! What they’re fed and how they are raised is what matters to us. We want to give them the best life so they can produce quality meat and eggs.

Next week we will continue in this series and talk to you guys about “no added hormones.”

What Makes a Better Egg?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question. Perhaps you’ve wondered if the organic grocery store eggs you’ve bought are really as good as the carton tells you.

Well have you ever had REAL farm fresh eggs? I’m not talking about the average eggs from the farmer who feeds their chickens whatever is the cheapest at the local feed store. I am talking about eggs from chickens who scratch, forage, and eat what God intended and nature grows. Eggs that were laid that same week or even a few days before you’ve eaten them instead of eggs that have been on the shelf for 30 days before you even take them home. Yes even those fancy expensive ones!

Now it goes without saying that all chickens need some type of feed in order to ensure they’re receiving the proper nutrients needed to stay healthy and keep producing those beautiful eggs. Even still, the type of feed matters! So it’s important for us to give our chickens the best we can find.

In addition we like to give our chickens sprouted grains and treats of black oiled sunflowers seeds, organic garden produce, and edible flowers. If we grow it and they can eat it, they’re getting it!

Year round they get oyster shells. This is what aids in keeping the egg shells hard. Chickens are so smart in this regard! They actually  decide if they need it and ONLY those who do, eat it.

During the summer months, we keep them stocked on plenty of fresh cool water, sometimes with ice. We also give them organic yogurt to help them cool off. It’s good for them AND they love it!

We take this stance across the board so they get herbs in their coop to combat flies and other pests. We spray it and sometimes them with garlic to prevent mites and lice. We give them apple cider vinegar as a natural dewormer and sprinkle diatomaceous earth in their dusting areas. We love and appreciate these birds. Since they’re a food source for us, they have to be healthy!

So what makes a better egg?

The hens diet, living conditions, and how they’re taken care of. Happy hens lay beautiful eggs that not only taste good, but are great for you!!

New Pricing!

As of June 30, 2018, we will be streamlining our direct from farm prices across the board. Some of you may have noticed this change in our pricing structure already. We initially thought that pricing our birds at a flat rate would be a better option, but with the rising cost of organic feed, we are finding the expense is too great. We believe this will be beneficial to everyone going forward. Our new direct pricing is as follows:

Whole Organic Chickens: $6/lb

Small/Medium Eggs: $4/Dozen

Large Eggs: $5/Dozen

Jumbo Eggs: $6/Dozen

18 Count Eggs: $7

30 Count Mixed Flat: $15

Chicken Livers: $5/lb

Chicken Feet: $7/lb

Chicken Gizzards and Hearts: $5/lb

Due to this pricing structure we can no longer offer our whole chicken through The Market at Dothan. All whole chicken sales will direct only.

Please call, message through our Facebook page, or email your order through our contact page.

Announcements will be made for Harvest Days and our birds can be reserved in advance.

You can continue to place orders for all our other products through our shop page:

Thank you for the support your families have given ours. We appreciate every single order, big or small. We are proud that we are able to keep our standards high and provide clean quality food for everyone and we hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

Clean Eggs! Clean Meat!


Did you know that chickens like to eat all sorts of things? Not only do they enjoy foraging for bugs, grubs, and garden goodies, but they also love berries, greens, and even sprouted grains.

With the arrival of warmer weather our gardens are in full swing and we have been able to put together some great treats for our birds. As usual they get their daily rations of feed, but right now our mulberry tree is in full production mode so they are enjoying fresh berries as they fall from the tree. Plus with the change over from Winter to Spring/Summer vegetables they are enjoying collards, mustards, and kale.

Last year we began toying with the idea of feeding sprouted grains to our chickens. It’s important to us that they have access to greens even when none are growing naturally during the colder months. Their feed contains organic grains such as barley, oats, and wheat, but sprouting those grains opens up all the good nutrients they would not have access to in the dry feed. It has been amazing learning how to sprout grains properly for our chickens and seeing how much they enjoy it. We like to toss it around their forage area and watch them go.

In our chicken garden we are growing clovers, dandelions, marigolds, and all sorts of things they like to eat and are good for them. We are dependent on them as a clean source of eggs and meat, so it’s important that they’re healthy and eat well. We know they appreciate it and we’re sure all of you do too!


BREAKING NEWS!!! We went to the box this morning…well hubby did. You know now that I think about it, he found the very first egg, the first blue egg, and now he has found the BIGGEST egg we’ve ever gotten. I really don’t know how this keeps happening, but it does. Ok onto the point….do you see the size of this egg? The green egg next to it in the hand photo is large borderline jumbo and this one is just well I don’t even know what to call it. I wish I knew who laid this egg so I can give that hen a hug, a high five, AND a pat on the back for all her hard work. Not too worry though…….I checked and everyone is fine.

Color Surprises

We have over 40 heritage breed hens. From Rhode Island Reds to Black Copper Marans, with a Golden Laced Wyandotte in the middle. I could continue, but you get the point. With all of the different breeds we have a beautiful array of egg shell colors. We actually purchase specific breeds of chickens based on their bloodlines and their God given abilities to produce certain colors.

The question that we often get is “Do chickens really lay green and blue eggs?” Yes they do! When it comes to egg shell colors, it really all depends on the genetics of the hen. For example an all white bird, like the commercially used White Leghorns, produce white or off white eggs. While a darker breed, like our Reds will lay a brown egg. The bluish green one pictured above and the solid olive one were produced by a Cream Legbar and an Olive Egger. We are planning to add more of these hens to our flock this year through breeding.

We always try to keep a good color variety. We find these eggs are especially popular with parents who have young children. Of course you can always get a solid brown carton too.

With the warmer days, the hens are increasing their eggs daily. So grab yours today!

Summertime Flashback

The hens are tired of the brown grass, cooler temps, and the lack of goodies to forage for. Plus we are over this season of molting and BUYING eggs from the grocery store. Now don’t get me wrong, we understand why this happens and we definitely don’t use artificial light. We want our hens to have their rest.

So instead we’re turning back time to the summer where the organic treats were tasty and abundant. Plus the eggs were plenty!

Don’t worry chickens…….Spring is almost here. Now we need to tell ourselves that too! 😉

Winter Treats

What do you do when you have an excess of collards? You share!! That is exactly what happened here when one of our neighbors who gardens organically, was nice enough to bring over 2 full bags of collards last season. There were so many that we decided to mix up a batch of one of our winter staple chicken treats! Here you have some BOSS (aka blacked oiled sunflower seeds), organic kale, oats, and collards. The chickens love this mix. We will trade out the greens for whatever we’re growing so this recipe could be with organic cabbage, broccoli leaves, spinach, chard, etc. The chickens are just happy to eat it and we’re left with the satisfaction of knowing that happy chickens produce tasty eggs!

Egg Update

After a huge molt and the winter blues, our layers had decided to pay their rent again until recently. With the unusually low temperatures and the SNOW some received here, our girls decided it was time to go on strike again. We have been loading them up with protein and all things good for them to help them out, so more eggs soon!