We would love to be your sole egg provider! So if you’re looking for farm fresh eggs, you’ve found them here. Besides our chicken, these are our most popular. Of course we always have more, but remember pickups happen on the weekends. You will be contacted after your order is placed for arrangements. Please see this link for all of our current offerings!

Grade A Large Pastured Dozen

Our girls are spoiled and their eggs show it. They’re free to roam and eat whatever nature provides. Supplemented with a non-GMO feed, fresh organic produce, and black oiled sunflower seeds. Plus they have their own chicken garden! Grade A Large. Alabama Egg Certification and NPIP. Local only please. Price listed is for one dozen eggs, but feel free to purchase more than one.


Grade A Large Pastured Flat (30 Count)

These are the same Grade A Large Eggs as our Dozen, only in a larger quantity. Alabama Egg Certification and NPIP. Local only please.


Please click here to access our online shopping page! Once we receive your order, we will contact you for pick up details.