Farm to Fork (10-12)

Ok so by this time, I’ve run out of salad. We still have some arugula in the gardens, but that’s it.

If you ask my husband what my favorite food is, he’ll say salad. I love just about all vegetables, but throwing them all together with a bunch of toppings and a good dressing, is the BEST!

Now that you have that clear picture and knowing that we can’t shop, order any salads, or pick one up, I wasn’t in the best mood at times. My body craves greens and so you’ll see how I made due.


After realizing that I was moody I decided to take matters into my own hands and eat greens for breakfast. By greens I mean whatever I could harvest and thankfully we had some greens leftover from the CSA deliveries earlier in the week that were in the fridge. I was up early chopping greens and enjoyed a bowl full all before going to work at 9am that morning.

Our lunch was Joshua inspired and really good. As a matter of fact, he made it!

We forgot to take a picture of dinner, but what we ate is listed below.

Breakfast: Sautéed greens with feta

Lunch: Homemade french fries and tuna patties

Dinner: Homemade chicken pot pie (not shown)

Snacks: Strawberry Scooter Crunch Bites


This day was Friday and it was a celery juice and coffee day for me. Brandon had leftovers for breakfast and Joshua ate cereal.

You will see that our dinner was amazing! I was supposed to take a picture of the plate, but that just didn’t happen….

Breakfast: Leftovers or cereal

Lunch: Organic blue corn chips with tuna (I know weird, but it was so good) or ramen

Dinner: Boston butt with green bean sauté


This too was a celery and coffee day for me, but we did have brunch. It was the weekend and I prepped dinner early which was an awesome curried stew.

Brunch: Boston butt burritos with feta and fermented relish that was beautiful and tasty. (not shown)

Dinner: Curried chicken and potato stew

All in all this was a great couple of days. Be sure to keep a watch for the next few.

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