Question: Where area(s) do you service?

We are happy to provide food to the Wiregrass.

Question: Can we visit your farm?

(Updated 10/22) Having just relocated, we are focused on building and growing our farm. So although we would love to have our customers come out and visit, right now we simply cannot.

Question: If we can’t visit, how do we purchase your products?

All of our products are available for direct sale. You can choose to reach out through our contact page or online shopping page. In addition, we also sell through seasonal Farmers Markets throughout the area.

Question: How can we contact you?

Our direct phone number is 334-595-5128. You can call or text this number.

You can also email us at info@hawkinshomesteadfarm.com or use the link on our contact page.

Question: If I purchase from you, how will I get my order?

We try to be as flexible as possible with our customers. Since we both work full time as many of our customers do, we set up local pickups for the weekends. This is an agreed upon location that works for us and you.

Question: Will you deliver?

Yes, we will deliver your order. Any home deliveries will be charged an additional $5 delivery fee inside the Dothan city limits. Any outside of the city up to a 20 mile radius, will be charged a rate of .50 cents per mile round trip.

Example: (If you live 20 miles outside of the city limits, you will pay a delivery fee of $20 for the additional 40 miles)

Question: What about shipping?

If you reside in the state of Alabama, and are interested in purchasing our meat(s) and produce we CAN ship to you. We want to thank you in advance and please know that we love your support!

However, if you choose this option, shipping will be by priority mail for anything perishable.

In addition, you may be invoiced further to cover the packaging and shipping costs should your order require it. 

We will always do our part to ensure the item(s) are packaged well and arrive safely to you, but once the item(s) ships we are no longer responsible for them as the delivery is out of our hands.

A tracking number will be provided to you by email.

All soaps, live clean, along with bath and body products ship nationwide.

Question: What do you feed your meat birds?

Our meat birds are pastured on grass. They are given fresh organic herbs and organic vegetables from the garden. We also provide a 100% organic Non-GMO feed which provides the nutrients and vitamins they need to grow healthy and strong. Their diet is completely clean.

Question: How are your meat birds housed?

As chicks, our meat birds are kept in a temperature controlled brooder. They need to maintain a certain body temperature until they start to develop their “big bird feathers.”

On nice days we bring them out and allow them to scratch, forage, and explore nature. We want them to experience life as if they would if they weren’t domestic animals.

Once feathered out, they are moved to grass. This is complete outside access and they get to enjoy the rest of their days in open air and sunshine.

Question: What about your layers?

Our layers are set up the same way as chicks. As they mature, they are moved to an outside coop where they free range by day and are locked up at night.

They love their bugs but they also need food that helps to keep them healthy while they are busy laying all those eggs we love so much. Their diet consists of whatever they can find while foraging plus organic herbs and organic vegetables grown especially just for them. They are given a Non-GMO feed along with black oiled sunflower seeds, which they will eat right from your hand. In the Spring and Summer, we plant our own organic sunflowers and harvest the seeds for them.

Our goal is to give our chickens the healthiest food we can provide them. They are never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids or anything that is bad for them.

Our family eats our own eggs and our meat birds as well. We take care to provide all our animals a happy life and a clean diet.

Question: I heard you now have pork. Is this true?

Yes! New for 2023 we are now offering Pastured Pork! These are heritage breed hogs who are pastured on grass and supplemented with a Non-GMO soy free feed that is rationed daily.

Our hogs are hand fed organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs from our farm. They are not force fed or fed constantly. We have found that this produces beautiful meat.

We take time to interact with them daily so they are super friendly. Much like our chickens they are never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or anything bad for them.

Question: Do you provide refunds?

It is always our goal to keep our customers happy. Any refunds provided will be minus a 5% processing cost.

Refunds are not provided for Kith & Kin CSA memberships.