Farm to Fork (4-6)

Catching Up

To continue our series we’ll now fill you in on our next few days of meals. The family and I are enjoying eating this way, but we did have a few days when we were out most of the day and had to remind ourselves that we were eating at home. Don’t worry we stuck to it.

In looking back at pictures, I realized that on day 3 we received a beautiful gift!

We’ve been snacking on it ever since……

Day Four

This day fell on Friday and Fridays are notoriously busy for us around here. Brandon was out making deliveries and running errands when it dawned on him that grabbing something while he was out was off the menu. He did make breakfast before leaving home, but being out for so long threw him off.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast: “Fancy“ Coffee (made at home) with tuna and eggs.

Lunch: Oven roasted salmon with spinach, onions, mushroom, and tomatoes or ramen. (Forgot to take the “after” picture because I was so hungry)

Dinner: Blackened cod fish with garlic butter sautéed green beans and potatoes.

Snacks: Organic blue corn chips and Oreos

Day Five

This day was Saturday and it was my turn to be tempted. Up until now, I had barely left the house, but for some reason I wanted to stop and get something while I was out running around before 8am. I guess old habits are hard to break, but I didn’t stop until I was home.

I failed to take a picture of it, but we did also sample some delicious goat cheese that was gifted to us along with the pecans from Day 3.

Brandon also was out for most of the day and I was worried about him! He was out with friends and I guess technically if they got food, but he didn’t pay for it….well nope…..scratch that. Eating at home is just that! Thankfully, he was good too.

Breakfast: Good ole bacon and eggs! I actually had mine with Ezekiel Bread from the freezer.

Lunch: Roasted salmon salad topped with feta.

Dinner: Cheesy ground beef nachos with organic blue corn chips.

Day Six

Sunday is usually the day where we can lay back and chill, but we we are in CSA season, so that was not the case today! Not only did we have to harvest and package but, we also had made plans to make some farm runs, so busy it was! We still managed to eat at home and we’re feeling pretty good about doing so.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (shown) for me, cereal for Josh, and just coffee for Brandon. My oatmeal is always busy and this was no different. A mixture of organic oats, frozen bananas, pumpkin seeds, pecans (gift from day 3), and cranberries topped with tupelo honey.

Lunch: Beefy taco salad topped with organic blue corn chips and feta of course! This one was already started.

Dinner: Sunday dinner was spaghetti, but we were so tired that no pictures were taken.

So there you have it! We’re still doing well and enjoying all that farm to fork is bringing us. We’ll catch you up on the next 3 days soon.

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