Growing Now! (August)

Hey guys! Welcome to August! Well almost….Here on the farm there is a lot happening! We are gearing up for the new Fall Season of our Kith & Kin CSA. It officially begins on the first day of Fall. So you can imagine the amount of food we have growing right now. We have had to find interesting ways to protect some crops from all this rain and to shade others from the intense sun, but thankfully our prayers are working and our research is paying off.

In chicken news, our birds aren’t very happy with the heat or the rain so some of these spoiled hens have pulled back on their laying. Not to worry though, we still have eggs!


If you’ve ordered meatbirds, we’ve contacted you to let you know when your birds will be ready. I sometimes feel like the heat is going to take ME out, so we have to be especially careful with our animals. We are definitely looking forward to cooler weather coming in the next few months. I’m sure the birds are too!

In July we picked figs for the first time, thanks to a special someone! We really enjoyed learning all about how to pick them, the taste tasting, and being sent home with our own bundle! This gave us the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen ourselves. If you haven’t heard by now, our fig preserves are up and ready for delivery. We also made cherry jam and it is a hit! Add either one or both of them to your order and pay upon delivery!

Jams and jellies are constantly being made throughout the Spring and Summer seasons and pears are what’s next on the menu. Be sure to be on the lookout for some old and new flavors as they become available.

Fall plantings were started a while back and they are growing well. We always try to get a jump on the next season in order to have what we need and this year is no different. We start just about everything under grow lights or inside our mini greenhouse.

What did we plant? Well there is always too much to list, but the purpose of this monthly segment is to keep you informed on what’s available now and hopefully give you something to look forward too. We strive to be your fresh, local, and organic stop here in the Wiregrass, so let us know what you’re shopping for.

Tomatoes are our bountiful harvest this year. We have several varieties growing, but the cherry tomatoes are our farm winner. You can find them here

We are in a love/hate relationship with peppers this year. Why? Well because they have given us the most trouble. Sounds funny, but the more you fight to keep a plant alive, the more you appreciate it!


Brassicas are growing for Fall, along with our organic potatoes. Speaking of potatoes, we are also growing organic sweet potatoes! We’ve grown them for our family in the past, but as we expand the farm, we expand our offerings. So we are excited to bring them to all of you soon!


We’re bringing back our Asian garden again for Fall so be prepared for Asian Greens and our Asian Stir Fry Blend. These were extremely popular last year and will be here before you know it. We are also adding in more items to our Asian garden. It is all so exciting and we will share more as they grow. The pictures below are just some of what we offered last year.

All in all, so far this year has had many challenges, but prayer has been such an important part in helping us to overcome and not wallow in whatever those challenges were. Prayer helps us to learn and grow….literally!

Along with the challenges there have many great blessings and we’re so thankful for every single victory, big or small. So we will keep praying, researching, farming, and growing. We hope you will be with us for it all! We thank you for being here! See you next month.

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