Growing Now!(July)

Half the year is gone! Yes that’s right! 6 months have came and went! What did you guys grow in the first half of 2019?!? What successes and failures did you have? What was one thing you failed at before, but finally got it right?

Well you guys know what we’ve grown right? If you’ve followed this segment, you know that every month we post some of what we’ve grown on the farm and this year it’s been more than ever with our Kith & Kin CSA. One huge success for us was the CSA, but another is we’ve been able to grow our very own sweet potato slips. Hopefully, we can update everyone later in the year with an abundant sweet potato harvest….prayers for that!

So what about this month? What are we growing? Well with Summer just starting we are growing plenty of Summer veggies. Just about everyday we are harvesting tomatoes and beans. Here is a small harvest from a few of our tomato plants, some long beans, and one early squash I picked before the stink bugs could get to it.


We are gearing up for our Fall Season for Kith & Kin so, SO much is bring planted right now! Below you will find just some of what we have growing, but there is always more. If you have questions or requests, contact us! We also grow to order! See you next month.

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