Fall Kith & Kin Season

If anyone were to tell or even better ask the younger me if I would ever want to be a farmer, I would have laughed and laughed. I mean really I was born and raised in NY! I knew there were farms, I just had never been to one. Upstate NY is cold 9 months out of the year. The closest I got to animals outside of dogs and cats was our local zoo.

Like most people my family mostly purchased our food from the grocery store. I say mostly because my Dad used to hunt every year and so would have venison in the freezer, which I didn’t care for at the time.

Fast forward to our slow trek into the south and I realized the importance of food and the effect it has on our bodies. Now when I say food, I mean good wholesome food. Not the artificial sugar, genetically modified corn based snacks, or microwaveable dinners. I’m referring to fresh vegetables, fruits, culinary herbs, and just the best all around produce that you can get in our area.

My realization of food helped me to change my eating and that of my family as well. I have to admit a farmer I never thought I would be, but I am so proud at what we’ve been able accomplish and how.

Kith & Kin was brought about through prayer, careful planning, and persistence! The BIG secret is that we did it!!! We grew food and we fed families every single week! We are so thankful and proud of that!

We worked despite having other jobs, homeschool, spiritual routines, and being wives and mothers. We worked through  hardships, a drought, crop failures, major freak outs, and little baby ones too! Life still happened around the Spring CSA season, but we made it AND we are doing it again! Call us crazy or just call us two women on a mission to help families, our communities, and provide an alternative for the Wiregrass area.

Kith & Kin Fall Season is up and running. It begins on the first day of Fall and we want YOU to become a member! Join today!







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