“Where’s the Meat?”

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted about our meatbirds. It’s actually been a while since we’ve taken new orders, but now that we’re into Farmers Market Season I’m going to take this opportunity to catch you guys up on what’s been happening on the farm and let you know that we are back in action with our birds.

For the past few months we’ve been busy catching up on back chicken orders. During this time, Brandon (husband) fractured his foot, we were under hawk attacks, and so MUCH more.

Im glad to say that it’s all over, but with farming you just never know what’s going to happen.  In addition to our chickens, we also had some turkeys that went to harvest. Of course we kept some for ourselves and Brandon did an excellent job of making sure we had our very own pasture raised organic ground turkey for the freezer. If you want to reserve your turkey, now is the time!

As you guys know we’ve also been growing fresh organic produce for our Kith & Kin CSA members. With the CSA Spring season coming to an end this month, we’ve switched our focus and have been working hard to bulk up our flocks for the Summer. This is our busiest time for new customers, so we try to stay “chicken ready.”

It was our goal to be on schedule before the hot Summer months came in, but the “Summer” came in Spring this year. Which also threw us off. Couple that with zero rain and our stress levels went through the roof. We joked about how early we were getting up each day, but it was mandatory to keep the gardens and the animals alive.

There are quite a few projects going on here with the chickens and so we find ourselves out late into the night as well. The mosquitoes at night are relentless, but we fight back with our bug repellent. I’m truly thankful for knowledgeable friends and research. Now our family won’t go outside to work on the farm without spraying ourselves down with this alcohol and chemical free option.

So if you’re looking to purchase chicken from us, you can do so in a variety of ways:

  1. Use our contact page. Here you can detail how many birds you would like to reserve. We will then let you know when the birds are scheduled to be harvested. After which you will be invoiced.
  2. Order from the shop page. You will only see what we have on hand, but this is great for those who need a chicken now.
  3. Come see us at one of the markets we attend. We plan to have chicken for each event and you will get to choose from what we have available. State Farmers Market rules state the birds must be frozen, but they are always harvested fresh to order. If you don’t already, be sure to follow our Facebook page for our whereabouts.

The birds are priced direct at $6.00/lb. When purchased online, there is a weight range, hence the price difference.

You may order one or as many as you like, but if you’re looking to purchase bulk orders of chicken please let us know and we will provide you wholesale prices for orders of 10 or more birds.

If have questions on how our birds are raised or what they eat you can find the answers here.

As always we’re open for additional questions so feel free to reach out to us. Talk with you soon!




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