Growing Now! (October)

October means that Fall is here and we can all look forward to cooler temperatures or so we hope! Here on the farm, we are enjoying the change in season with a change in vegetables.

Last month we talked to you about the colors of Fall and matched up those colors with our organic seasonal produce. Our biggest achievement in the garden for the Fall season so far has been the beautiful lettuce you see pictured below. We say this because it was a volunteer plant and the first of the season. Isn’t it lovely?

Green beans are a favorite here and we have planted these in plenty! Most people may be surprised that we’re growing beans in the Fall, but our friends over at Bain Home Gardens hooked us up with a variety that does great through all the seasons! The picture shown below is when it sprouted after just 5 days!

Cool weather means we can plant radishes again! You guys may remember that Mr. Hawkins Homestead Farm (aka hubby, Brandon) loves his radishes! In the picture below, you can tell that we had a few failures, but we planted them in the heat of August and realized that was too early. Not to worry, they went to the chickens and they enjoyed them immensely.

We have Fall potatoes growing! We have planted 2 rounds to end out the season and we couldn’t be more excited for them to grow and get in our bellies!

Of course we’re growing a variety of peas and they’re growing up so nicely.

Broccoli with a surprise is growing as well. Can you tell from the picture what the surprise is? No? That’s ok. We will share with you what the surprise is later….to be continued!

There is so much more to come as well. Collards, kale, spinach, cabbage…….plus, plus, plus….

We’re babying these plants. Trying to keep them cool and praying and hoping everything grows! As always, everything will be offered direct on our shop page and we will keep you posted when it’s ready.

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