Potato Harvest!

We are feeling absolutely amazing right now!! Today puts us right at 83 days since we planted our potatoes. With all the rain forecasted for this upcoming week, we didn’t want to chance losing our crop, so we decided to harvest!

My garden buddy, Joshua and I pulled just about 4 1/2 rows. I love this kid! He is super awesome when it comes to helping me out with the farm chores. We were so dirty and tired, but we had so much FUN!! Almost every time we found one Joshua yelled “WE’RE RICH!” It was great! He had me laughing the whole time.

We didn’t weigh them yet and there are still more to pull, but we just couldn’t take it anymore! Our everything was hurting and we desperately needed to shower. It was all worth it in the end though and we are SO thankful!

We hope you guys enjoy watching our harvest as much as we enjoyed finding each potato treasure!

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