Growing Now! (September)

As August ends and we roll into September, I am SUPER excited about Fall. It truly is my favorite season! When my mother in law, Darlene was alive, she visited us in North Carolina every year during this time to help out with the kids. She and I would go down a road much like this one to take our youngest son, Joshua to preschool. Joshua learned then and remembers now how much I love the different colors of changing leaves. He has made it a tradition to bring them to me as he finds them each season. Even though he’s almost 12, the other day he brought in a leaf that was the prettiest color of yellow and slight orange. It made me think of all the beautiful colors that Fall brings. Not only colors of tree leaves, but of all the Fall produce as well.

Just think there are reds, greens, browns, oranges, and even purples. Let’s match up these colors with the Fall veggies.

Red: Radishes and beets. They like to grow in loose soil with cooler temps.

Green: Most lettuce varieties love cool weather.

Orange: It couldn’t be Fall without pumpkins, but we can’t forget the carrots.

Brown: Winter squash and potatoes. Fall staples!

Purple: Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower too. Fewer bugs in the Fall means a more bountiful crop.

So…..can you guess what all we’re growing this season? We can’t wait for all of it to come in. We’re excited to bring back salad blends, cruciferous veggies, crunchy carrots, potatoes, and all the greens you can eat! As always we have more growing and a few surprises too!

Of course we still have late peppers, a few tomatoes, okra, our basil varieties, and rosemary too! Until next month…..

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