Crop Rotation

The health of your soil is directly connected to how well your food will produce. Here on our urban farm, we produce food year round. In order to do this we have to take precautions to protect the health of our soil. One of those precautions is crop rotation.

Crop rotation involves moving plants around in order to deter pests, prevent disease, weeds, and soil depletion. We like to follow a pattern of green, bean, root, fruit.

Earlier this year when we harvested our first potato crop, we researched and reached out to other farmers for ideas on what to plant behind them. We read a ton of information and were given many suggestions, but in the end we planted melons, cantaloupes, and tomatoes. So far they are growing just fine! Even with all our humidity….

The chickens control the pests, we pull the weeds, and our soil is happy and disease free! All due to crop rotation. So remember crop rotation is one important step in having healthy soil and plants. There are plenty more that we will share with you. Until then, happy planting!

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