Fall Plantings!

Here in Alabama, it seems odd to start preparing for and then planting fall vegetables when it feels like it’s 100 degrees outside, but really if you wait for the cool down it will be November and that’s too late!

So we are planting NOW! We have begun the process of clearing out some of the squash plants that have stopped producing. In their place will go more organic potatoes along with carrots, rutabagas, and radishes.

We know you guys want those leafy greens year round and we wish we could provide them. Did you know that in the Summer months, leafy greens are almost non-existent because the heat wipes them out? Sad, but true! There are some heat tolerant varieties, but “tolerance” doesn’t always equal survival. Our heat and humidity have proven to be just too much for some plants. One day we hope to extend our growing season with a climate controlled greenhouse, but for now we look forward to planting many different varieties for you to choose from in the Fall.

Of course we plan to offer staples like collards, kale, and broccoli. We have been researching, praying, and planning and we decided to try our hand at cauliflower and cabbage. We haven’t been successful with these in the past, but we’re hoping this is our year!

Since we’ve harvested the meat birds that we’re pastured in one of our garden areas, we will be turning it over for the Fall. It’s imperative between plantings to always add nutrients back into the soil. Good thing the chickens left us plenty of nitrogen! So we’re happy about that and we’re hoping for a beautiful and bounteous season to come!



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