Companion planting!

Let’s talk about companions….When you plant certain vegetables and herbs together, they use or feed off of each other. Some herbs even help with pest control. True story! Take for example the picture above. The bean plants have climbed up the corn stalks so no trellis is needed. Beans also fix nitrogen into the soil and corn needs nitrogen, so it’s a perfect match.

There is also a need to point out that certain plants don’t like each other. Take for example tomatoes and potatoes. These two plants compete for soil nutrients and thereby planting them together is a bad idea.

Companion planting not only works with vegetable and herbs, but flowers too. Nasturtiums and marigolds are two favorites we like to plant around here. They are known to protect certain plants from pests like aphids!

Here a just a few other suggestions:

Nasturtiums and Cucumbers – Cucumber beetles hate these edible flowers. So not only is it a pest deterrent, but it tastes good too!

Tomatoes and Basil – Basil is wonderfully fragrant, it’s an excellent herb to cook with, and it’s said to boost the growth and flavor of tomatoes.

Overall, the very best thing you can do for your garden is keep records of what works where you live. A journal is your best friend and will help you from season to season. Happy planting!

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