Growing Now! (June)

We’ll HELLO SUMMER! It has definitely arrived with back up! With that being said, we want all of you to be safe while outdoors. Stay hydrated and wear a hat if you can. Everyday that I’m outside, I’m fully covered. I wear light loose fitting clothing to protect my skin from the heat and a hat to make sure the sun isn’t beating right down on me. I’m very careful to drink lots of water and take breaks inside under the air conditioning. Heat exhaustion can be deadly so it’s extremely important to take care of you while enjoying this Summer heat.

This past month has been filled with many Farmers Markets and we’ve been loving meeting all the people and getting to know our fellow growers and vendors. Of course, we’ve still been tending to our gardens. We need good clean food to eat as we know all of you do as well.

We have been busy picking and shelling organic beans. We have grown quite the variety and are excited to share them with you. Our corn will be ready in the next few days and when I tell you we can’t wait to eat it….well we just can’t wait! The plan is to roast it on the grill in the husk next to our chicken! YUM 😋! Non-GMO and organic of course!

We have loads of tomatoes! So many are growing, but they’re mostly all still green. A few have started to turn, but we’ve been eating them almost as soon as we get them off the vine.

Cucumbers are growing in abundance and we’ve been making  pickles! There is nothing like it! So fresh and delicious!

We have a few varieties of peppers growing and with what we’ve been able to harvest we’ve been combining them with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers to make a fresh salsa! We hope to share it with you guys once everything is ready!

We picked sunflowers and roasted their seeds! I know, I know we’re supposed to give them to the chickens……we just couldn’t resist so mums the word! We can’t have them all mad at us and not laying any eggs!

We have succession planted green beans and are excited for them to start producing again. Eggplants are starting to produce and we should have okra soon! Plus we have pumpkins in June and there are more to come!

By way of fruits, we have cantaloupe, watermelons, and honeydews growing. We hope they’re prolific!

The plan for July is to get more potatoes in the ground and to plant a final round of corn. We will be starting fall veggies soon and will keep you posted on that!

We thank you for supporting our family. We love what we do and we’re proud that you allow us to feed YOU!

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