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This pear tree produces the most beautiful fruit! My parents planted this tree not too long after they moved into their house, and we pick from it when in season. This year I will have the pleasure of helping my Dad prune it. I absolutely love helping my Dad! He has constructed or been a part of every single project here and he always has ideas and is ready to build the next thing before I ask him. You might say that I’m a bit spoiled, but really I’m just a Daddy’s girl!

Ok back to the pears…….My family loves them! It’s actually right up there with rosemary for my hubby, as it’s his favorite fruit and our children love to snack on them. Of course there’s always one who has to be different. In our family, I’m that one. I have tried and I really want to like pears, especially when I see these and marvel at how pretty each fruit is. I just don’t like them. Now don’t get me wrong we make pear jams, pear compote, even pear cobbler. My family loves them. Our customers love them, but pears are just not for me.

Not to worry, you can judge for yourself. We will have these pears available to all of you soon and you can choose how to enjoy them.

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