Growing Now! (May)

Well the warmer weather hit then 3 weeks of rain and I almost lost my mind! Somehow I completely missed the “Growing Now” segment for April and since it is now June, I also missed the deadline for May.

Farming is hard you guys! Even on a small scale, there are highs and lows. The weather is constantly changing, the bugs make your beautiful produce look like warfare, some things just never grow, others catch diseases or this year the over abundance of rain kills them. Then there is the never ending battle with the weeds…… get my point right?

So what’s a lady to do?!? Cry, pray, rethink, research, and then start again. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. If you follow our Facebook page then you know that tropical storm, Alberto came through and knocked down our corn. It was literally leaning over! I have to say that through that whole ordeal, I was most thankful for our customers. Most of you went through that went us and I don’t think you guys know how much your care and concern meant to me. So I just want to say a huge THANK YOU!

Onto what we now have growing….currently we have a wide variety of beans and cowpeas. Most should be coming up this month. So far we’ve been harvesting Spanish Tolosana kidney beans. There isn’t enough to cook yet, but as the rain subsides and we can pick more, we’re planning to make a nice chili with them.

Something new for us this year is okra. I personally have a on again off again relationship with, but my husband, well he WAS a different story. Last year I started getting okra from our friends at Bain Home Gardens and found ways to hide it in cooking. I bet you’re not surprised to know that he actually does like it. So of course we’re growing it! The type pictured below is a red variety (please forgive the weeds) It’s going to be so good! Oh and eggplant too!

As always we’re growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Unfortunately our tomatoes have not enjoyed all this rain, but we’re hopeful that some are still salvageable. Cucumbers on the other hand are producing well. Peppers are taking their time growing, but they have begun to flower. So we’re just patiently waiting.

Our second round of squash and zucchini is producing like crazy and we couldn’t be more happier about that. Our basil is back and we began making pesto last week. Plus that rosemary I told you guys about in March actually came up!

Out of all the things we have growing now, we’re most excited about our corn! Did you know that mostly all the corn produced in the world is genetically modified? For us this means that we barely eat corn or corn products. So being able to find trusted organic non-GMO corn seeds for us has been amazing and we cannot wait to pull that first ear off the stalk and eat it!

Until next month…..

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