What Makes a Better Egg?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question. Perhaps you’ve wondered if the organic grocery store eggs you’ve bought are really as good as the carton tells you.

Well have you ever had REAL farm fresh eggs? I’m not talking about the average eggs from the farmer who feeds their chickens whatever is the cheapest at the local feed store. I am talking about eggs from chickens who scratch, forage, and eat what God intended and nature grows. Eggs that were laid that same week or even a few days before you’ve eaten them instead of eggs that have been on the shelf for 30 days before you even take them home. Yes even those fancy expensive ones!

Now it goes without saying that all chickens need some type of feed in order to ensure they’re receiving the proper nutrients needed to stay healthy and keep producing those beautiful eggs. Even still, the type of feed matters! So it’s important for us to give our chickens the best we can find.

In addition we like to give our chickens sprouted grains and treats of black oiled sunflowers seeds, organic garden produce, and edible flowers. If we grow it and they can eat it, they’re getting it!

Year round they get oyster shells. This is what aids in keeping the egg shells hard. Chickens are so smart in this regard! They actually  decide if they need it and ONLY those who do, eat it.

During the summer months, we keep them stocked on plenty of fresh cool water, sometimes with ice. We also give them organic yogurt to help them cool off. It’s good for them AND they love it!

We take this stance across the board so they get herbs in their coop to combat flies and other pests. We spray it and sometimes them with garlic to prevent mites and lice. We give them apple cider vinegar as a natural dewormer and sprinkle diatomaceous earth in their dusting areas. We love and appreciate these birds. Since they’re a food source for us, they have to be healthy!

So what makes a better egg?

The hens diet, living conditions, and how they’re taken care of. Happy hens lay beautiful eggs that not only taste good, but are great for you!!

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