Color Surprises

We have over 40 heritage breed hens. From Rhode Island Reds to Black Copper Marans, with a Golden Laced Wyandotte in the middle. I could continue, but you get the point. With all of the different breeds we have a beautiful array of egg shell colors. We actually purchase specific breeds of chickens based on their bloodlines and their God given abilities to produce certain colors.

The question that we often get is “Do chickens really lay green and blue eggs?” Yes they do! When it comes to egg shell colors, it really all depends on the genetics of the hen. For example an all white bird, like the commercially used White Leghorns, produce white or off white eggs. While a darker breed, like our Reds will lay a brown egg. The bluish green one pictured above and the solid olive one were produced by a Cream Legbar and an Olive Egger. We are planning to add more of these hens to our flock this year through breeding.

We always try to keep a good color variety. We find these eggs are especially popular with parents who have young children. Of course you can always get a solid brown carton too.

With the warmer days, the hens are increasing their eggs daily. So grab yours today!

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