Growing Now! (June 2023)

Did you ever get the feeling that what you’re doing is EXACTLY what you’re supposed to do? I had that realization last month after being invited to Landmark Park to host a class on organic farming. To say that I was nervous about it was an understatement! I literally prayed right up to it because it had been years since I hosted a class and although I have always been huge on educating others I honestly felt all over the place.

The turn out was good and the class was more of an open discussion as I went over my bullet points. I left feeling extremely grateful that I was able to help others learn and it’s my hope that they can take what I shared and literally grow from it.

In Garden News we finally installed the berry bushes last month that had been sitting on the back deck forever. They’re a mixture of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Since they spent almost their first year in a pot, we’re not sure how they will grow, but only time will tell.

We harvested our first round of zucchini and cucumbers for Kith & Kin CSA members last month as well. We love that we can give our members first dibs of what’s growing.

Kith & Kin Summer Season is underway and the Fall season of Kith & Kin is now open for membership.

For those of you who are new here, Kith & Kin is our produce delivery program or CSA which stands for community supported agriculture. The idea was born back in the Fall of 2018 and we’ve been delivering the freshest chemical free produce around since the Spring of 2019. Each year we hold a minimum of two seasons in the Spring and Fall. Some years, like this one, we also have a Summer season. We’re very thankful and proud that we get to do this year after year and now we have the space to take on even more members.

We’d love to have you join. You can find the details of our upcoming Fall season along with the link to join here,

We’ve added and will continue to add lots of new items to the Shop Page as they become available. Buy your veggies a la carte or save money by purchasing a Seasonal Farm Box. Next to Kith & Kin CSA this is the best way to get in season produce from our farm.

In Family News if you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, you may have seen our video of Hazel Rae feeding the pigs. When she was younger, we introduced her to the farm as soon as we could and now she loves it. She enjoys “working” with Nana and Pop Pop and her favorite thing is to collect the eggs.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our new property for one full year! We’ve accomplished so much, but yet there is always more to do. When we lost our son all the work definitely stopped, but between rebuilding the farm, repairing, and trying our best to fix our fixer upper, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.

One great thing that we all appreciate about our home is that It’s been really nice having space for family and friends. Our house was the hub when we lost our son and it was comforting having everyone together.

It’s also been excellent having the land we need to grow our farm in a way that we’ve wanted to for a very long time. Speaking of growing, in Farm News we added two piglets to the farm and our cute little baby chicks are not so little anymore.

When it comes to the piglets, if it were up to Brandon, everyone would be named Ham or Bacon, but Shena over at Bain Home Gardens dubbed them Pepperoni and Porkchop and we decided to roll with it. We haven’t figured out which is one which, but time will tell.

These babies are of the Mulefoot variety which just so happens to be on the Ark of Taste List for pork. Their meat is red as it should be before commercial growers began to advertise pork as “the other white meat.” We’re excited to add them to our growing farm and look forward to seeing how they fit here. If you’re interested in purchasing your own whole or half hog, check out the details here. We’re currently experimenting with ratios to blend our own organic feed just for them! It’s expensive, but if we can do it, it will be worth it in the long run.

The meat birds don’t have long before they to go harvest. They’re putting on weight nicely and we have enjoyed having them again on the farm. It’s been far too long and we’re thankful to my Dad for completing not one, but two chicken tractors for us. We look forward to the meat and appreciate the manure that is left behind to fertilize the land for years to come. They will be ready to harvest at the end of the month. It’s not too late, to grab one or more for your family. You can find them here.

In Egg News our hens have just about one at a time went broody. This is when they would like to hatch babies so they sit in the nesting box all day and night in hopes to hatch some. So just when we thought we would have enough eggs to begin listing them, NOPE! The girls had other plans. So the wait continues here with us, but by all means check out Bain Home Gardens that we mentioned above. We happened to know for a fact that they have the prettiest eggs hatched by hens who are organically fed and Certified Naturally Grown.

If you follow our social pages, you’ve seen that we recently started trying out reels. After being off social for a while and coming back to see how things had changed, we decided why not?! Brandon has been talking about starting a YouTube channel almost since we started back in 2017, but neither of us have the time. With the reels though, I’m usually recording or taking a picture of something, so its been easy and fun putting them together. We’d love to hear if you guys are enjoying our content. Remember you can use our contact page to reach us.

Thank you for joining us this month for our “Growing Now” section. We appreciate you spending a few moments with us and we thank you in advance for supporting our farm and family. We hope to chat with you again next month. Until then……

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