Growing Now! (October 2022)

Oh Em Gee!!! Our favorite season has come in with a bang and we are loving this weather!

October is a month of new beginnings. We started to harvest our first crops in our new space, the Fall season with Kith & Kin CSA began just a few days ago, new birds will be arriving soon, and we are building new infrastructure for the farm. All of that in the middle of a home renovation. (Yes! We are a little crazy)

Part of getting the homestead ready is developing the land. We thought this was going to consist of a lot of tilling, but once we began to do so we found that the virgin soil here is very much hard clay. Our hope was to mix those truckloads of compost we told you about last month into the soil, but that went out the window very quickly!

So what are a couple of farmers to do when a plan fails? Pivot! We prayed, took some time, and formulated a new one.

Our next move was to plant on top of the virgin soil, but we needed to kill off the grass and weed seeds. Out came the flame weeder!

You can see Farmer Brandon in action below as he carefully prepares the space. He really deserved a hand for all his hard work! It was around 93 degrees that day.

To keep up with the work that we’re putting in to rebuild our space follow us on Instagram. Much of it is being documented there.

Starting over takes time, money, hard work, and patience. We’re no strangers to hard work, but we find ourselves having to re-learn what being patient really means. Plus money and time are always an issue!

We know that many of you are patiently walking this journey with us and we thank you for being here. Soon you will be able to click on the shop page and order your fill of eggs, produce, reserve your meats, and more.

Yesterday we went over to visit our sister farm, Bain Home Gardens. They have long been a trusted source of produce and eggs in our area. It was nice to meet the bunnies, see some familiar hens, and all the new chickens they now have. They are a little low on produce, but if you’re looking for eggs…..check them out!

Cooler temps mean cool season vegetables are coming back. The guys were putting together garden boxes not too long ago in anticipation of heavy planting and transplanting. You may have seen the photo of my Dad and Joshua on our social pages. Their hard work is very much appreciated!

Growing now on the farm are both Summer and Winter squash, greens galore, roots, salad greens and more. We found out yesterday that our organic garlic shipped and will be arriving in a few days. It’s always exciting to plant garlic because that usually means that Fall is in full swing.

Peppers are still hanging around and from the looks of it we will have at least one more batch before the frost sets in.

In the next few days we will be making jams using the local blueberries we picked and froze earlier this year. Some of which will make it to the shop page, so be on the lookout.

As we speak, we are growing sprouts . We will be happy to grow a batch for you as well.

So much is in store for us as we finish out the year. We’re thankful you’re here to support and follow along. We will see you next month if not before. Until then……

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