Growing Now (September 2022)

Hello farm family!! Yes….it happened. We skipped two whole entire months. If that weren’t enough, we haven’t posted much on our social pages either. We promise though it’s with good reason. So let us give you all the deets!

Big News!!

We recently posted on social media about a change that has happened with our farm and it’s a BIG one. If you follow our farm on Instagram you know that someone (ok it was me) spilled the tea already. For those of you who don’t, well the news is that our farm has MOVED! Break out the confetti and celebrate with us!!!!!

This move has been such a long time coming and to be honest it’s one that we thought we resolved when we purchased our other property a few years ago. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen the way they do, but we definitely get it now!

So our absence was because we were in the moving process……Just imagine moving your house and your neighbors house…then add in animals and equipment… many things!

Everyday we wake up and we’re thankful for the beautiful sunrises in the morning and even more grateful for the sunsets. The view from here is really amazing and it’s a blessing that we are all sincerely humbled by. We’re still unpacking boxes and there is a ton of work to be done, but we are super excited!

Family Update

Our youngest, Joshua is officially a Sophomore! It is SO bittersweet! Of course he has to grow up, but thinking about him being an actual adult soon has me in a my feelings just a little…(or maybe a lot). This year he will be 16 and Brandon has given him a driving handbook. Like what?!?! I don’t want my “baby” to grow up!

Last year I shared with you guys that we became Grandparents…I know it’s still crazy to us, but true. Well now little Miss Hazel Rae is walking around, formulating words that we don’t quite understand yet, and being sassy on top of it. It’s been a beautiful blessing to watch her grow and I have to say that she has one Papa wrapped around her little finger already!

Poultry News

In poultry news, we decided that we could not accommodate turkeys this year. We apologize to any who were looking forward to ordering their birds from us, but this was the best decision we could make as we never want to overwhelm ourselves.

Previously we shared that our layers are old ladies and their production was low. Well we found a private breeder and we can’t wait to see what happens from here. We really missed having all the egg colors that our farm was known for and we are excited to bring them back!

By way of meatbirds, my Dad has only asked like a million times when we will have meaties again. I almost want to say that he misses them more than I do. Coming up soon Daddy!

What’s Growing?

Everything is new! We are rebuilding a farm from the ground up! This is something that took us years to do previously and now we have just a few months. Our back deck is filled with plants that have been started from seed while we fight through all the rain and the heat in order to get the farm together. The one good thing we can say is that we have been over planting because we are dealing with a whole new environment here and well you just never know!

With our new property having virgin soil, we literally had to pick up truckloads of compost to get the farm in motion. Shout out to Alabama Sustainable Agricultural Network (ASAN) for the help! Words can’t express how much we appreciate you guys!

Planting season came up so fast and we learned very quickly that rebuilding a farm is quite expensive. So many things that were in place at our old property still need to be established here.

Over the years we have received inquires from people asking if or how they could help and now with our farm rebuild we are taking all the help we can get! We have even added a donation tab to our homepage for those of you who aren’t local or would just rather donate. Our family appreciates the love and support that we’ve been shown and we can’t wait to get everything in motion so we can really see what Hawkins Homestead Farm can be!

Again, as always we appreciate each and every one of you for being with us. We hope that you and your families stay safe and we will talk to you again soon. Until then……

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so very happy for you! Looking forward to seeing photos of the new “digs”. 👩‍🌾❤️🌱

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