Growing Now! (March 2022)

Helllooooo farm family! Are you all enjoying this switch in the weather as much as we are? It’s like Spring has pushed Winter out the way and decided to show up and show out. I say Spring, but really some of these temperatures really feel like Summer.

On the farm there is so much going on. We have our home garden, but over this past year we have began farming another location so we’re so thankful for. Of course, a new year means a new planting season and ours is currently moving along very well. Are you planning to grow a garden this year? Perhaps you’re just starting or maybe you’re seasoned, but would love to expand and grow even more. Well we are super excited to tell you that not only are we bringing back our plant sale, but we will also be offering compost as well. The sale will be ongoing throughout the month of March beginning with tomatoes. We will be updating the site weekly with peppers, herbs, and more as the month continues. You can find what we have available here. We may have a local pick up option, but that is to be determined. If you do decide to purchase and have paid for home delivery, we will gladly bring the plants to you.

This year, we are looking forward to getting back out in the community. I cannot say for sure exactly when this will be, but we are praying about it and will continue to do so. Farmers Markets and vendor events have always been something we’ve enjoyed and so we are stoked to be getting back out there. We will still be taking basic safety precautions such as hand sanitizing and wearing a mask, but we will keep you updated on when and where you can find us as the year progresses.

In chicken news I have to confess and tell you all that I love my birds and I have kept them way too long. As a result, egg production is low so you may not find eggs on our site this season. We are in the process of developing a new flock and are excited to bring the variety of birds and egg colors we have come to be known for. Sadly, the private breeder we’ve used in the past moved on so finding non hatchery birds with good genetics has been more than difficult to say the least.

As far as our pastured birds go I can tell you that no one is more excited than I am to be able to eat our own pastured meats again! We will be running a trial to see how these birds do in their new space, but if everything goes well we will begin offering our birds once again and accepting deposits for them.

Did you know that today is the last day to become a member of Kith & Kin CSA? Membership closes early to allow for us to have the opportunity to plan and grow exactly what we need for our members. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find the information here and purchase through this link.

We thank you for being here with us. Whether you enjoy these articles, the photos, our social, are new to shopping with us, or have shopped with us for years. We hope you will continue to stick around.

We will chat with you again next month, if not before. Until then……

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