After Hurricane Michael came through we thought all hope was gone for these organic potatoes, but this is one time we are so happy to be WRONG!

With temperatures expected to drop below freezing this week, we decided to check just in case. Plus this area will not be used in the Fall and Winter seasons, so a cover crop was next in line.

Cover crops help to block weeds and fix nitrogen in the soil for the next season. This is one way we practice excellent soil health because it prevents soil erosion. Cover crops also help our land to remain productive and fertile. So although we won’t be eating these plants, they’re still very important.

You can see from the photo that the potatoes weren’t very big, but they were there and that’s what matters! We dropped them in a recycled egg carton that we received from my Dad. He loves bringing us egg cartons to fill up for him, but sadly they’ve been piling up lately while the girls are on “strike.” It’s ok though because he knows they’re good for it.

So after a long day we are happy to report that our Fall potatoes weren’t a total loss and we wanted to share this great surprise with all of you! We wish there was enough to go around, but hey Spring will be here before we know it and we can all enjoy fresh organic potatoes again!

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