Growing Now! (November)

Yay! Cooler temps mean Fall veggies can grow in plenty! The bugs are almost gone and we’re no longer sweltering while working in the gardens! So what do we have growing this month? Well we thought you’d never ask.

Greens, greens everywhere greens! It’s so nice to walk out outside and see this beautiful sea of greens.

From Pak choi to collards, lettuces, and broccoli we have the greens covered.


Garlic was planted a few weeks ago and since it’s our first time, we’re ecstatic about them taking off! They’ve been planted with arugula and spinach in hopes the bugs don’t like the greens as much as we do!

Oh how we love our mustard greens! They come in red and green and we’ve got both.

We hope to be inundated with green beans galore. These are the ones that do well in all temps!

It just wouldn’t be right without our staple kale greens. We grew Red Russian Kale last year and loved it so much, we had to bring it back.

Yes! There is always more. I mean where would we be without our roots? We can’t forget about the radishes, turnips, rutabagas, and carrots. So we have those as well.

This month we’re featuring Fall flavors of pear preserves and pumpkin butter. Buy them on their own or in a gift set. Other flavors are lemon ginger and brown sugar.

In addition, we have been canning crazy with all our peppers, so pepper sauce is also available. Try it on sautéed greens! Our favorite is collards.

Plus we have Fall soaps, both scented and unscented along with our body butters available in your choice of scents. Contact us for details!

We love this life! We love growing food. We love that we can offer products to nourish your body inside and out. We thank you for supporting us and as we continue to grow, we appreciate you being here with us. See you again next month.

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