Growing Now! (August)

August is officially the last full month of Summer and here in Alabama, it’s typically the hottest month as well. So the phrase “out with the old and in with the new” comes to mind, but the reality is that since we have so much Summer produce still growing, the best thing for us to do was open up a new area.

We grow in a small space compared to those who have acres and acres of land, so every single piece of our property is precious! Plus I already tried and hubby (Brandon) said I 100 percent, absolutely could not, without a doubt, grow food on our front lawn. What that means is strategic planning is always the name of the game here!

So since we’re always growing, I had to play garden box chess. Never heard of it? Well basically I get to say where I want to move the garden boxes, and Brandon jumps the pieces around until they’re locked in place. Checkmate! This frees up not only planting space, but space needed to rotate our birds to fresh grass.

For the Fall and Winter seasons we are growing organic winter squash, potatoes, root vegetables, leafy greens, cabbages, and many others. Normally we would post pictures of everything, but since most have just recently been planted we’re patiently for them to emerge.

Instead you will get pictures of some of the organic tomatoes, flowering beans, peppers, basil, green beans, sunflowers, and spaghetti squash we have growing right now. Enjoy and we will see you next month!

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