Flowers 💐

F32E42F6-789C-4303-84C0-48E234304A5E.jpegI have a confession to make……I love flowers of all sorts. I love the colors, the smells, and the pollinators they bring. Unfortunately though I am a flower killer! I can grow food, but flowers….not so much!

The only flowers I have been successful at growing are sunflowers. However, if you’ve ever grown them, you probably know that they don’t require that much care. So I’m not sure if those count or not. Really I started growing them for the seeds which our chickens love, but their beauty is amazing!

This year I have decided to try my hand at flowers. We have purchased all types of flower seeds that are beneficial for the garden. So I am researching and praying for wisdom.

The tulips pictured above were on clearnace at our local Lowe’s. One of my good friends called and gave me a heads up so off I went. They’re planted in the front of my house so if that doesn’t make me take care of them, I don’t know what will. While planting, I noticed how good this soil is in my front yard and thought to myself…. “I wonder if hubby would let me plant here?” NOPE! Well anyway, here’s hoping these tulips perk up and look as beautiful as they did in the pot. I will keep you posted.

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