Growing Now! (February)

It’s the end of February and it’s time for another garden update. We are thankful to have lots of plants growing right now.

We have started many pepper and tomato varieties indoors. The seedlings are growing nicely and we hope they will transplant well. There looks to be some cold nights ahead so we will definitely be waiting at least until after the last frost date.

Herbs growing are thyme, oregano, rosemary (not yet sprouted), and a few different types of basil, including the sweet basil we grow every year. Our 11 year old is most excited about basil pesto coming back! We have tons more herbs to plant and we will be starting those this week.

Outdoors we have peas that are forming pods, collards that survived the cold, arugula, buttercrunch lettuce, spinach, and a salad lettuce variety. Most of these are available now for purchase.

We recently planted a few different varieties of cowpeas, garden beans, squash, and cucumbers. Those have just sprouted! Plus potatoes went in the ground this past weekend. If you didn’t see the Facebook post about our potatoes, you can find it here on our page.

Most of the plantings done earlier in the month, like a variety of radishes, plus onions, carrots, rutabagas, swiss chard, kale, mustards, and parsnips are coming along as well.

As you can tell we are busy and hope to be able to keep it “growing” over here at Hawkins Homestead Farm! Remember that you can buy direct or also on the Market. Either way you choose, we thank you for supporting us!

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