Teddy is a Great Pyrenees Lab mix who belongs to our oldest daughter. He was rescued as a puppy from a shelter in 2016. He is almost 2 years old now as shown above. His favorite pastime is trying to figure out ways to escape the fence. Being part Pyrenees, he loves to roam so he has dug holes to get under and even knocked it down (when we were doing maintenance).

Teddy loves to eat! See him above as a puppy munching on fresh broccoli. If you have food, Teddy is your new best friend. He has begging down to a perfect science! One funny and sometimes annoying thing about Teddy is that he has never really mastered the command, COME. Well at least that’s the excuse I’m giving him. It’s like a game because he will literally sit there while you’re prodding him to come, turn his head sideways like “are you talking to me?” and then IGNORE you. You know that he hears you and he may even stop, but then decide he has better things to do and walk the other way.

Outside with the chickens, Teddy is constantly learning that they are just as important as he is. He has taken out a few when his instincts and curiosity took over, but that is to be expected when training.

With the addition of our other animals, Teddy has been very kind. He loves Coffee and even shares his bed with Oscar. Overall he is a fun dog and we love him. Now, if only we could stop him from shedding so much!

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