Kith & Kin Spring CSA – Half Dozen Egg Share


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Does your family love eggs? Would you like to get farm fresh eggs every week? Well now you can by adding an egg share to your CSA membership.

A member request that we’ve added since 2021!

Here’s how it works: Each week along with your produce basket you will also receive one half dozen grade A farm fresh eggs.

Our hens are pastured on grass. They enjoy whatever they can get their beaks on while roaming each day. We supplement them with organic veggies, herbs, fruits, and sunflower seeds. They are also given a Non -GMO feed to make sure they are getting the nutrients necessary to give us those beautiful eggs we enjoy so much. 

This item is available only to current Kith & Kin CSA members. This Egg Share is not a stand alone item. It must accompany a produce basket and can be added anytime before the season starts.

By paying, you are agreeing to purchase an 8 week share of eggs. You are also agreeing to the terms listed here and on our main Kith & Kin Page. It is your responsibility to read over these terms. Your share makes you a farm partner. This means that we share in the highs and lows of farming.

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