Growing Now! (End of 2021)

Hello Farm Family! I hope all of you and your families are and have been well. Time really has flown by this year and here we are at the very end of it. It feels like 2021 is going out just as fast as it came in and somewhere in there, we got a little lost.

When I take the time to reflect on all that has happened this year, it has been a challenging one to say the least…..hence the long periods of silence.

After many prayers and much reflection along with inquires, phone calls, text messages, advice, and offers of assistance from all of you, our farm family, we are happy to say that we are ready to start off 2022 with a new found joy and determination!

One thing I want to address right away is this: Many of you have sent emails, made phone calls, even texted asking if you can come out and visit our farm. We love the support and we thank you for wanting to visit, but the answer is no.

Although, we had a plan in place for the end of this year, our health and all of yours are so much bigger than a farm visit. You will find that we have already begun to post again regularly so we hope you will follow our farm journey through our social pages.

Everything is different about our world now. Covid has changed us and even though some people still don’t or won’t acknowledge it, it’s very true. I don’t go out in public without a mask…..honestly I don’t visit friends or family without a mask and everyone I am close to is fully vaccinated. So we will be keeping ourselves as safe as we can for as long as we need to do so.

Can you guys believe this weather? Brandon and I were out today and we had this entire conversation about how it’s December 31st and it was 81 degrees. Like woah!! We have lived here since the end of 2015 and I cannot recall the temps being so high at the end of the year. It’s a bit crazy…..but that’s global warming.

Our worry is that the bugs have yet to die off….as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite as we found many eggs on the produce we do have growing. It looks like next week the temperatures will begin to drop, but not as much as we need them to. I have always said that the one thing we can’t control is the weather, but learning how to work with it can be challenging when it doesn’t act like it should.

The seasons are important when it comes to farming. Some plants need a certain amount of chill hours or cooler temps to produce well and when that doesn’t happen it could lead to crop failure and no one wants that! So we hope things will level out soon.

I know, I know….you are all used to these posts showcasing what’s growing and going on the farm, but not this one. This one will have no pretty pictures.

It is simply to say that we will soon be all settled in and ready to start the new ride we call farming in 2022! So yes there will be pictures, chickens, eggs, produce, and more. We can’t wait to share it all with you and we thank you for being so patient with us!

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