Fall Turkeys!

It’s the end of November and that means it’s turkey time! We know that most of you only eat turkey once a year, but on our farm we harvest turkeys throughout the year for our family.

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of these images below where Brandon harvested a turkey for our family and grounded some of it into ground turkey. Also shown are the packages of turkey breasts and wings we marinated and froze. In addition to this he smoked turkey legs which also went to the freezer.

This meat gave us the ability to eat clean food we raised and processed ourselves. Our goal is to eat meats raised solely from our farm. If it’s something we don’t produce, we look to support others that we know and trust. We know that having access to this type of food is important to you as well. That’s why many of you shop with us. 

This week as we harvest birds, some of them will also be processed further into meals our family can eat for months to come. By Alabama law we cannot sell anything other than a whole bird, but if you’re interested in purchasing a turkey for Spring, now is the time. Just as we taught you how you could stretch a whole chicken, we are happy to help you see that you can do the same with turkeys.

Every year our Fall turkeys go quick! We post what we have left after preorders in the Summer. Then once deposits are made, the birds are gone! We are writing this post in hopes that someone who missed out on Fall turkeys this year will get on the list for the next one. We also want you all to know that we will have turkeys in the Spring as well. You can ground, roast, fry, barbecue, slow cook, or whatever your heart desires.

So if you’re ready to place an order for Spring or you would like to be added to the list for next year. Please specify and click here

For the Spring you will be invoiced for the deposit. For 2020 Fall turkeys, we will add you to the list and then invoice you in the Summer for your deposit.

As always we thank you for supporting our local family farm and we hope to hear from you soon.

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