What is Success?

Success. It’s truly different to everyone based on your individual goals, but it’s something everyone wants to achieve. Let me tell you what success looks like for us.

Almost 9 months ago we decided to officially jump out on our own. Hawkins Homestead Farm was growing and that growth showed us just a glimpse of what we could really be. Many prayers are always said before making any decisions and although scary, we had faith in God and confidence in ourselves that if we continued to do things the right way, we would be successful.

As we go into November, I’m in awe of what we’ve been able to accomplish this year. I personally feel the love and support of the community and Im so thankful for each and every single one of you!

I’m thankful to my family, for our sister farm, Bain Home Gardens, thankful to all the Markets that have hosted us, thankful for all the new partnerships and friends we’ve made this year like The Olive Fruit, and Hangry Harrisons.

Of course I’ve learned so much from strong courageous women like Suzanne of Gaucho Farms, and Rinske from Working Cows. Thankful to our special friends in Cottonwood who’ve helped us so much with their knowledge and kindness. I’m even thankful for those who tried to fashion their business after ours. This list is definitely not all inclusive, but everyone of you have contributed to our success and pushed us to be better. So thank you!

I’ve laughed, cried, went through EVERY emotion and had to apologize later for it. I’ve wondered why there are SO MANY bugs and wanted to kill EVERY single one on the property.

I’ve learned that despite every obstacle, there’s a solution, and I am proud to say that we have never compromised!

This year has been one where we’ve grown as farmers, as people, and just overall.

Our CSA, Kith & Kin has such wonderful members and each time we deliver a basket to someone’s door is a “hallelujah moment!”

Our farm isn’t always pretty. It doesn’t always smell the best, but we stand behind our organic practices, we produce clean food, our customers are happy, and we are ALWAYS willing to learn from others.

So we, who will never do everything perfect in this life and who don’t make or have lots of money, we are a success and again we thank you for it.

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