Growing Now! (May)

In May we switch our focus into Summer vegetables. Of course our Spring veggies are still growing, but Summer produce yields an abundance and we love how much we can preserve from this season. Think cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Then think pickles, sauces, and  salsas. We have all that growing and more. They have a long growing season and we usually have them into the Fall.


Everything we grow on the farm has a purpose. Flowers are no exception to this rule. Sunflowers are always in bloom this time of year. Whether we have volunteers or those planted, they’re such a joy to grow. Look out sunflowers! This year there’s a bit of competition from the marigolds and violas.


May has become the official month of potatoes here on the farm. We planted early this year and have already dug some up in April, but we’re hoping for mounds of potatoes. More will be dug and available very soon! Plus we’re succession planting to have them continuously throughout the season.

We still have peas growing, but they may be at their end soon. We were saving seeds from a few plants, but the peas sprouted inside their pods. Of course I threw them in the dirt. Maybe, just maybe if I can keep them shaded, they will continue to grow.

By way of fruits our mulberry tree is in heavy production right now and we’re enjoying picking berries throughout the day. If you follow our Facebook page, then you know that we also made mulberry jam and it’s good! It’s available for purchase, but since Alabama Cottage Food Law doesn’t allow for jams and jellies to be sold online we have zeroed out the price allowing you to place the item in your cart and pay upon delivery.

Onions is another thing that we’re growing in abundance this year. We have plans to dehydrate and make our own dried herbs. If we’re successful we will make them available to all of you. Onions too when ready.


One of our goals is to preserve more food than we have ever before. In keeping track of our grocery budget this past year, we can easily see how growing certain produce in plenty will cut down on our buying. Last year we ate tons of frozen okra (mostly because we chose not to sell any), we enjoyed pesto from our basil plants, onions, and pickles made fresh from our organic cucumbers. We preserved quite a bit, but we’re looking forward to so much more. If anyone has a favorite recipe please comment below or send us a message. We always love to learn. We’re looking forward to a great month to come. Thanks for joining us for our “growing now “ for May. See you next month!





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