Growing Now! (April)

Well hellloooo Spring! Thank you for finally arriving! We were a bit worried with all the low night time temperatures, but now that you’re here it’s time to get our grow on!

This is the time of year that Brandon and I take some time off to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Since we’re both so busy we look forward to having time to relax. We don’t talk about the farm, bills, or any of our stressors. We focus on each other and having fun. Fun for us looks like just about anything outdoors, music, and great food! So just in case you missed our announcement, we are closed until April 2nd.

This year April marks the beginning of Kith & Kin CSA . This means we have planted just about EVERYTHING! We need to make sure our members have a great selection, that we can feed our own family, and have food for all our loyal customers.

April also marks the beginning of Farmers Market Season as well and we’re kicking it off in Enterprise! More information to be announced soon. We couldn’t be more excited to get to all of you who have been waiting and asking us to come out that way!

You may have noticed that we are using part of our “growing now” segment to keep you informed on not just what we’re growing here on the farm, but also to keep you informed on our family life. We want you to get to know us as people, not just farmers. We love when we are able to put names with faces. So we want to make sure you have the opportunity to do the same. We invite you to check those inboxes if you’ve signed up to receive our emails or follow us on Facebook which we try to update daily.

Now onto the plants……Did I say we were growing everything? Well I meant everything! Fall, Winter, Spring, and even some of Summer are all happening on the farm right now.

From Fall we have brussel sprouts, lettuces, and others.

From Winter we have collards, onions, and spinach.

img_2606Spring has brought us peas, potatoes, and many more root veggies.

For Summer we having been transplanting Summer greens and others too!

All in all we are gearing up and should be ready with lots of fresh organic produce for everyone.

In poultry news all the turkeys are gone. Thanks everyone for your orders. We have another batch on the way and will be taking orders for those soon. Our chickens are “growing now” too and we will be working our list for those who have birds on reserve.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for all your support and we’ll see you next month.



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