Organic Turkeys!

Recently there have been so many food scares in the news, that have many people asking is there really anything safe to eat?

If you’re a person who supports local farms and access to clean food than you will be as excited to learn as we are to tell you that we’re raising organic turkeys!! We kind of leaked the information on our Facebook page, but this is our official announcement!

We had hoped to have the turkeys ready for November, but Hurricane Michael had other plans. It definitely set us back, but since we couldn’t change it we just rolled with it.

Besides chicken, turkey is something that we eat a lot of around here. This was a natural progression for us because it allowed our farm to provide another organic protein source for everyone.

Its has been a long road and as always, we researched, asked questions, and found what worked for us. When trying something new, there is ALWAYS a learning curve and experiences that you just have to go through. One big hurdle for us was finding a source for a quality organic non-GMO feed. Turkeys require a much higher protein than chickens, so lots of phone calls were made along with some extra car miles, but in the end we found a wonderful feed source and are very proud of how we’ve been raising them.

When you can sustainably raise an animal on grass, clean organic produce, and a high quality feed, the meat is just wonderful. This is something that we’ve been looking forward to with these turkeys.

When you think of us, we want you to think outside the box. Yes turkeys are for roasting, but what else could you do with a whole turkey? Just think ground turkey, turkey cutlets, smoked turkey legs, freshly sliced turkey for sandwiches, grilled turkey, turkey burgers, plus more.

It is our goal to have these available year round. So if you’d like to reserve a turkey for your family, now is the time!

So make your deposit on our shop page and we will handle the rest.

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