Growing Now! (March)



Finally Spring has come upon us and boy are we happy to have warmer temperatures! Growing in the South has its advantages because we have short winters and can usually count on our last frost date. Notice I said usually….

So now that we are past our frostdate, we have began to transplant our herbs into their final home. One of our most popular herbs is our organic genovese basil. We grow it Spring through Fall and we love to make fresh basil pesto from it. We will be offering our basil both fresh and prepared this year.

In other “herbs,” we are growing lime basil, dill, oregano and thyme, We also hope to get rosemary this year! We have started some in trays but have yet to see it come up. If all else fails, we were gifted some propagated rosemary and we’re hoping it makes it! After all, rosemary is Mr. Hawkins favorite spice!

We will be transplanting our tomatoes and peppers soon and can’t wait for those to start producing!

We also have cucumbers, cowpeas, and a variety of beans that we are watching closely. Zucchini is looking great too.

Root vegetables like carrots, rutabagas, onions, and radishes are growing too. Some of which have began to show. We try and stay on a schedule of succession plantings of different radish varieties which we have almost all year long.

Recently we recorded a video on our Facebook page to show you our potato progress. The last ones went in the ground on March 18th. So we are expecting lots of potatoes this year!

Kale, spinach, arugula, and radishes are all available now.


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