Oscar is our 6 month old “baby” cat. I mean that term in every sense of the word. He loves to be loved! You can’t hold or rub him enough. He even tries to express his love to inanimate objects like the desk, couch, or wall. It’s so funny to watch him purr and rub his whole body against these things.

Oscar was the only cat out of a litter of 6 that we kept because of his gentleness. He was hand picked by our 11 year old son. In the above picture, he is in his favorite place to be….the ottoman! He will sit there and meow. It’s his hang out and sleep spot….although he has been known to try to sleep with Coffee on occasion. This doesn’t always work out in his favor, but it did this time.

Oscar loves to eat! He hears the food hit the bowl and comes running. It doesn’t matter what bowl or what food…. he will eat it. He has had a couple of close ones with Coffee over her food because she is simply not about to share. He has had to learn how to defend himself against her and has recently perfected the art of the sneak attack.

The funniest thing about Oscar is that he doesn’t like to stay home for long and will let you know it! He literally goes to the door and meows to be let out. Once the door is opened…out he goes. When he is ready to come back in or gets hungry, he comes in, until the next time. Overall we love Oscar and he is a wonderful addition to our Homestead.

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