Growing now! (January)

Currently in our organic gardens we have a few things growing that have survived the cold and snow. Pictured above is organic buttercrunch lettuce and organic spinach. We like to use our lettuce in salads, on sandwiches, and sometimes in place of bread. Buttercrunch is especially good for its rich flavor and bolt resistance.

The organic spinach is great sautéed with just about any dish and also as a green additive to smoothies. We like to pick ours early to prevent it from being too tough. It is just starting to form so it won’t be long now.

Here we have organic arugula. This is something new that we’re trying this year after discovering that we are very much in love with this peppery green. Plus it has so many health benefits too! We like our arugula in salads and on sandwiches. We may even eat it raw!

These collards took a beating first from the cold, the bugs when it warmed up (see the holes), then the cold again. They’re still standing though.

I picked some of these last month and made a dish of smoked turkey wings and collard greens. Boy did it go quick! So quick in fact that my husband didn’t even get any and he voiced his opinion about it. I was hoping to put these up on the Market for sale, but they will going to Mr. Hawkins instead. Good choice!

This organic Red Russian Kale has also suffered a bit from the cold, but it is thriving and growing still. It’s been said that the frost adds a distinct sweetness to it. We use kale mostly for smoothies.

We picked these organic radishes just yesterday. They were the biggest surprise of all that survived. They weren’t ready to be picked when the cold hit. So I pushed them a little further down and put some extra dirt around them. I’m so happy that worked because Mr. Hawkins loves his radishes!

I actually put these into a lamb stew I made for dinner tonight. (Sorry no lamb stew pictures…..the family gobbled it up).

The eggs pictured were just some of the ones laid yesterday. Some of our chickens decide the “rest” is over and we’re just fine with that! More about eggs coming up on our “Egg” page.

All of our produce is sold locally and on The Market at Dothan.

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