Black Friday Deal!

Boy oh boy do we have a deal for you! We are opening up our carts this THURSDAY AT 7PM in order to offer you a special EARLYBIRD opportunity from Kith & Kin CSA. If you’re looking to have access to fresh veggies delivered weekly to your home then you don’t want to miss out on this one. Everyone who signs up during our EARLYBIRD gets a FREE jam or jelly of your choice!

 So come back this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28TH AT 7PM.

We will see you then!




2019 Farmers Market Kick Off!

Are you ready?!? We sure are and we’re so excited to be coming to Enterprise on Tuesday April 16th! This is a brand new market for us this year and we hope to be able to come out on a regular basis. Of course we won’t be by ourselves. Bain Home Gardens will be joining us too!

The Spring season has just started so that means it’s egg season. Pick up a dozen or more along with fresh organic produce, jams, and a few bath and body products.

Our farm accepts all forms of payment including vouchers and EBT.  So don’t be a stranger. Shop, say hello, or just pick up a card for later. Hope to see you there bright and early at 7am.

Spring Starts!

This year, just like every year around this time our local stores stock up on Spring plants. You’ve seen them and they look so perfect! There was a time when we as home gardeners even purchased these plants! Yes, it’s true. We didn’t research. We just went with what everyone else was doing because we were interested in growing our own garden. Thankfully, we have educated ourselves on plants, seeds, and the importance of soil health. There is no way we would touch those plants now….even if they were free!

We have found that more and more people are educating themselves on how what they feed themselves and their families affects their health. If you’re one of those people then this article is for you.

Many of you ordered compost from us over the winter and now that Spring has nearly sprung it’s time to get those gardens going. But where do you start? Well for us, Spring planting starts in the Winter. Each year we learn more about the weather patterns here in Alabama, what to plant, and when to plant it. These things are so important!

The health of all plants begins in the soil. Can you honestly say that you know what type of soil is used in those plants that are mass produced? You may know the name, but what about the history? Is it really safe? So many news reports would say no.

Here’s what we do: Our plants are always started with an organic soil mixture. There are no chemicals in our soil. We always use true seeds. Those that are organic means that we’re saying no to GMO’s. In order to stock pile our seeds, we’ve had to purchase many, but having done this over the years, we are proud to say that quite a few of our plants are growing from seeds we’ve saved.

If this matters to you. You have options! Last year we purchased some of our plants from Gaucho Farms and those plants were beautiful. In fact, we even saved some of those seeds too!

So this year, we along with our sister Farm, Bain Home Gardens decided to not only start some for us, but for YOU TOO!

As of today we have a variety of tomato plants, herbs, peas, and a few perennials, but be sure that we will be offering even more as the season goes on. Grab one, grab two! Grow your own garden and enjoy the satisfaction of eating something you grew for your family! It’s so worth it!


We Need Your….


We are almost at the start of a new year and this year has been great because of all of you!

Let’s stroll down memory lane at what 2018 brought us.

We grew food!

And lots of it!


2018 was a year of growing for us! We grew more produce than ever. We had highs and lows and even some failures in between, but we grew food. We fed our family and some of yours and we made sure that what we all ate was of the highest quality and chemical free.

So in 2019, we are asking you to come grow with us! How? Well we are participating in a Grant Program that will allow us to grow even more IF we win. BUT…


The program is called Cultivating Change and it helps farmers do what we do best, grow food. Our goal is to get clean food out to as many people as possible and if we win, we have the opportunity to do just that.

Our farm has specifically asked for greenhouse funding. This is something that will allow us to extend our growing seasons by starting earlier and producing late.

We are looking into so many different avenues this coming year and partnering with other growers who are growing clean food. We want to fill up the Wiregrass with food that is safe and delicious, but we can’t do it alone. Just as we could not have come this far without all of you, we need you now even more. So we ask that you please vote for us.

By taking the time to register here, you can vote daily for us. We hope you will!

Thank you for all your support in 2018 and we look forward to providing you with even more in 2019.




We are VERY EXCITED about this one and would like to announce that in an effort to make quality organic food available to EVERYONE, our farm is now able to accept SNAP EBT benefits!

No purchaes can be made online, but if you contact us to place an order and would like to pay with EBT, we can now accomodate you. This means that you can also use EBT when you come out to see us at any of the events we participate in.

We have some exciting new things coming up in 2019 and this is just a preview of one of them.


Did you hear the NEWS?

You can now place your order on our website!!


Today for our Grand Opening and Cyber Monday, we are offering 15% off your total order when you use code: GRNDOPEN15

Plus from now until December 22, 2018 you get FREE shipping nationwide on all our Bath and Body products!!

Use the code: HHFFREESHP

We have listened to your feedback and although we will still be out and about at our area Farmers Markets and beyond, you now have the convenience of shopping from home!

Thank you everyone! We hope to see you online!