CSA Produce Storage Tips

At Kith & Kin CSA a big part of being a member is learning how to store your produce. This is something that we teach in our members only group, but we want to list out just a few general tips here as well. 

Carrots: Remove carrot tops, but don’t discard. They can be used to make carrot top pesto. The roots themselves should be stored in the fridge and will last a few weeks or more. 

Leafy greens: These should be refrigerated loosely in plastic. To prevent excess moisture, use within and 5 days and do not wash before storing. 

Tomatillos: If you won’t be eating these right away, leave the husks on, and store loosely refrigerated in plastic for up to a week.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes that are ripe and will be used within a few days are fine to sit out on the counter. Anything beyond that, will need to be refrigerated.